Our Services

Community Outreach

Our community team will visit you in your home or any other place you choose, and help you with any problems you have. They will give you support and be your advocate in your contacts with agencies such as Work and Income, Housing New Zealand or Child, Youth and Family; ensure you get any medical care you or your children need; stay with you if you visit a lawyer; help you get food, clothing or furniture for your family; help you leave town or simply provide you with some advice about what to do next.

We offer: 

  • A purpose built Crisis facility with two safe houses catering to high risk families who need additional safety, care and protection. This facility has 24/7 staffing who will support you and your family through this very traumatic time in your life.  

  • A general safe house for whanau who are low to medium risk but require support and advocacy to negotiate with social service agencies, partners and whanau.

  • A transition house for whanau waiting to reintegrate back into the community or whanau needing respite.


Crisis Response

We have a 24/7 crisis service, and at your call our experienced staff will come and see you where and when you need them. They will work with you to decide what support you need, from advice through to full residential care in one of our safe houses. Our services are personalised to fit your needs, because only you know what will work best for you and your children.

Residential Services

If you have to leave your home, we have safe houses where you can be sure you and your children can stay with complete security. We have skilled and qualified staff who provide a non-judgemental, caring and supportive environment. You may be with us only one or two nights until your family can help you, or you may be with us longer-term until you feel you can cope on your own. While you are saying with us, there are a range of educational programmes you can undertake to help you and your children get back on your feet. Your children are also taken care of; they can go to school or attend early childhood education services.